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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 01:38

Why GOP Juggernaut Big Media Comcast Will Cancel Progressive Programming on MSNBC

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Would you cut your own throat when you're high as a kite and feeling like a master of the universe?

Well Comcast isn't about to commit suicide after its takeover of NBC Universal, and that is why progressive programming will disappear from MSNBC.

It will not likely happen immediately - although Olbermann, the most successful of the liberal shows, was the first shoe to drop.

How will Maddow and the rest vanish?

Maybe through a format change for the entire station announced a year down the line or so - or earlier. Maybe through program "balance" requirements that will force Maddow and the others to resign. Maybe through a conversion of MSNBC to a Spanish station that would add to the growth of Telemundo, another part of the NBC Universal acquisition.

Why is Comcast, the largest cable provider in the nation - seeking also to become the largest television/Internet/telephone/mobile content provider - going to throw liberal shows overboard?

The answer is simple: all the MSNBC progressive hosts advocate policies such as net neutrality, limitations on expansion of big media, more diverse ownership of broadcasting, bandwidth charge limitations etc. These and other progressive policies run 100 percent contrary to the positions and media monopolizing goals of Comcast.

No corporation lets an internal unit run a renegade campaign that undermines the mega-expansionist and profit strategy of the larger company.

Comcast is ruthless and predatory as a rapidly growing media empire. It isn't going to let some leftists try and wound its profiteering.


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