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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 04:51

Bush, Slave Labor and Arizona

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The draconian Arizona Anti-Mexican Immigrant law -- this legislation is not aimed at white immigrants -- would not have passed and been signed under Bush; Karl Rove would have made sure of that.

That's because under Bush the Republican coalition between big business and White Armageddon NRA types was split on the illegal immigration issue.  Bush and Cheney were basically heirs to the slavery tradition of low wage labor and believed that corporate America should have access to the cheapest possible labor market -- legal or otherwise.  That is why you rarely read of a business being prosecuted for employing illegal immigrants; same case in Arizona.  

But the slave wage corporations (including all the offshore below poverty level workers for American companies like Wal-Mart who turned formerly decent paying American jobs into Dickensian low wage positions) are at odds with a right wing populist movement consisting of NRA types, white firsters, Christian End Times congregrations, and basic bigots.  Without a Republican in the White House to protect the right of corporations to exploit illegal labor, the Republican Governor of Arizona signed the law (which had been vetoed twice by Janet Napolitano when she was the Democratic Governor of Arizona) and became a right wing populist hero even if it will probably cause her state hundreds of millions of dollars in boycott revenue and litigation costs.

The Republicans still have a split in their party between the corporatists who are happy to employ illegal immigrants at sub-living wages and the white Tea Party populist base that is upset that whites are becoming a minority in America and that their jobs are going to the illegal immigrants because the corporations value exploitation and profits over the law and employing U.S. citizens.

That's the Republican dilemma; corporatist profits and slave wages over jobs for Americans and the bigot vote.

Bush was on the side of the corporatists, so the worst of the GOP immigration bills, a la Arizona, never passed during his administrations; in fact no immigration "reform" passed because big business wanted a continued supply of rock bottom low wage labor.

By the way, much of the Mexican flight to the U.S. recently has been due to NAFTA. Big agricultural firms from the U.S., as an example, have moved into Mexico and displaced the rural agrarian farmers who find themselves out of work because they can't compete on price.

What goes round, comes round, and the corporations will still get their cheap labor; they always do, as Americans who have lost their jobs cannibalize themselves by shopping at Wal-Mart because it's -- well -- cheap, and they don't have much money to spend because their jobs were sent overseas or filled here by illegal immigrants.

And who do the Wal-Mart shoppers blame: Obama?

Sometimes you just can't buy stupid.