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Monday, 12 November 2012 11:08

Bush Got More Mormon Votes Than Mitt: The Saints Didn't Come Marching in for Romney

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Produce.(Photo: More Good Foundation)As The Hill and some other news outlets have reported, Mitt Romney received fewer votes from members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints than Bush. It wasn't a landslide difference: 80% of the Mormon vote went to Bush in 2004; 78% to Romney in 2012.   But even if the figure is subject to a statistical margin of error (based on exit polling), it does make one wonder why Mitt didn't get closer to 100% of the Mormon vote.

Maybe, it's that there are an increasing number of liberal Mormons.  

Or maybe, just as Romney was rejected by his birth state of Michigan and the state that he was governor of (Massachusetts), the more people who know Mitt, the less they like him.

It would be easy to satirize Romney's devotion to being a Mormon.  Until this election, Evangelicals largely considered the religion that Joseph Smith founded in upstate New York, after claiming to be visited by an angel, as a cult.  

Stephen Pizzo, who is a contributor to BuzzFlash, wrote a commentary mocking the Mormon practice of wearing holy underwear:

Defeated GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, met with leaders of the LDS (Mormon) Church this morning, telling them that he believes he was the victim of liberal witches.
"I know it sounds outlandish, even silly," Romney told reporters as he left his meeting at LDS headquarters here this morning. "But my holy underwear never failed me, never. Even when I invested in horrible companies, that later failed and all the workers lost their jobs, I made millions. So how do you explain my election loss? Huh?"
Though Romney would not name names, he accused "liberal witches" of casting a spell that drained all the magic out of his traditional Mormon "magic underwear."

Pizzo may be a bit harsh, given that the United States guarantees freedom of religion and practices.  Nonetheless, it is worthy of note that more than 1/5 of Mormons voted for Obama.

Mitt should take heart that the Romney extended family that stayed down in Mexico  – after his grandfather returned to the United States – to practice polygamy (although no longer actively) would have voted for him. A Reuters article is headlined "Romney's Mexican cousins lament U.S. election loss":

The family's Mexican roots go back to Mitt Romney's great-grandfather Miles P. Romney, who crossed south of the border in the 1880s, like other early Mormon settlers in Mexico fleeing U.S. marshals who were seeking to arrest him for practicing polygamy.

His descendants still live in Mormon enclaves in the state of Chihuahua about 200 miles from the U.S. border and near where Mitt's father, George Romney, was born. There are about 300 Mormons left in the area, and dozens called Romney.

Maybe Romney would get a better share of the Mormon vote in Mexico.  But it still must be a bit embarrassing to receive less votes from followers of your own religion in the US than George W. Bush did.

But a $250 million fortune will help Mitt get over it.  With that kind of money, maybe Romney can pay for his sons to star in the Broadway hit, "The Book of Mormon."