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Thursday, 07 July 2011 05:05

American Corporate Negligence and Entitlement Is Leaving the US Behind in Jobs and Competition

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On July 4, BuzzFlash wrote a commentary on how US corporations stifle innovation and help reduce our competitiveness with fossilized thinking and deregulation. "Grist" - an environmental and sustainable living web site - recently offered an article that dramatically proves this point.

The column detailed "How America Just Lost [Perhaps as Many as] One Million Green(ish) Jobs to Europe" because the European consortium, Airbus, is manufacturing more fuel-efficient airplanes than Boeing, with fewer emissions and other forward-looking innovations. The Grist article drew attention to the "Most underplayed economic story of the week: European aircraft manufacturer Airbus 'trounced' the traditional U.S. behemoth Boeing at the Paris Air Show, booking a record $50 billion more in orders for new planes."

And why? Because many global American corporations are living in a nostalgic dream world that denies reality and stifles change that looks to the future.

Europe is proceeding with the kind of blinder-free research and development, not blaming workers for corporate failures, according to Grist: "This is Europe's green dividend: the cash and jobs the continent is reaping from its strong climate law and a culture that's committed to planet-friendly innovation."

Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost to the US as they move to Airbus plants in Europe.

This is not American corporate innovation; this is American corporate negligence.

As the Grist article concludes:

The bottom line is this: America will lose more and more jobs as long as American government responds to urgent economic and environmental wake-up calls as further excuses to coddle and comfort polluting industries as they fall further behind their global competitors. Unless we get government and business move quickly to green innovation, that sucking sound is just going to get louder.

We've deified corporate stupidity, greed and incompetence in America - as BuzzFlash noted on July 5. For that, our able workforce is paying a steep personal economic price.


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